A note about this site:

throughout this site you’ll find work that I’ve come to in various roles and in many communities and settings. I’ve done my best to credit collaborators and indicate the specific role that I’ve taken on in each instance. Consider the map on the homepage here as a guide to how all of this fits together.

A few words about my work:

In my work I begin with the assumption that each individual has distinct potential to create unique beauty, goodness, and positive change in the world and themselves. Through community engaged public projects and teaching in community and classroom spaces I seek to facilitate personal growth and self exploration through art making, as well as a safe place for people to process the world they experience and the world they’d like to create. One of my primary goals is to achieve an attitude in viewers that they can create a world that reflects their values and dreams, and realize pathways to gain skills to begin to do that as well as validate skills they already have. For example, students articulating the messages they’d like to put into the world and wearing them proudly or participants in a skillshare recognizing that they have something to teach and something to learn. It is important to note that in this work I don’t see myself as a particular catalyst to any change. Rather, I have been continuously humbled by the opportunities I’ve had to witness people taking on their own genius.

A few words about me:

I am an artist, designer, teacher, student, and friend living and working in Chicago, IL. I have BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Textile Design and I’m currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Resume available upon request. Contact at kearney.margaret.e[at]gmail.com. Keep up with what I’m up to on my instagram.