Right to a clean city

Philadelphia, PA (2016)

"We Have a Right to a Clean City", Summer 2016.  Created in collaboration with students at South Philadelphia High School, through a class co-taught with activist Ron Whyte (Deep Green Philly). Trash is a pernicious problem across the city (nicknamed “Filthadelphia”) and is especially pervasive in Southeast Philadelphia. Our answer to this problem, Trash Academy, is a “collaboratory” between residents and local youth in Southeast Philly, artists, business owners and environmental activists. It is designed to connect community members, investigate the issue and build collective capacity to generate solutions, while going through the door of FUN!

Lead teaching artist, Designer, in the classroom, youth collaboration

Trash Academy is a “collaboratory” with community residents of South Philadelphia, The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s Restored Spaces Initiative, and LandHealth Institute.