Trash Academy

Philadelphia, PA (Ongoing)

“When it comes to trash, people in Philadelphia understand how complicated of an issue it is. From resource extraction, to production, to disposal--trash impacts all aspects of our lives. How does trash impact your community? Trash Academy, our ongoing project from Restored Spaces, continues its collaborative model of community engagement and civic participation. Through Trash Academy, youth, neighbors, activists, and artists come together to generate, test, and share creative solutions designed to address the issue of trash in their communities. By using research and public art, Trash Academy creates various tools of engagement like teach-ins, trash sorts, games, and educational videos like Trash Trouble and Behind the Cycle. Trash Academy Leaders and their audiences collectively become engaged in a process of reimagining of public space. Participants are supported in taking action that brings them closer to their ideals. How will you fight for the right to a clean city?”

For more information on projects, collaborators, partners, and upcoming event please visit TRASHACADEMY.ORG

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