Woven Into One

Philadelphia, PA (2018)

We are all beautifully alone and blissfully enmeshed. This mural installation was an immersive and participatory project at 40th St AIR Space Gallery. For this project, I painted lines in the image of a woven structure to cover the gallery prior to the opening and invited visitors to fill in the color throughout the course of one weekend. I had envisioned this as an exploration in creating a world alone that’s full and complete as it stands, but living a life that’s vulnerable and open to the beauty that others add to it. Over the course of this project my own life surprised me with an emergency surgery and I ended up needing to ask for help from friends to complete the black linework. In the end, though you may plan a structure for your own connections,vulnerability sneaks up on you when you least expect it and community holds you in ways you cannot structure.

ARTIST, in the gallery, participatory